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(English follows) 常滑の澤田酒造さんへ5日間、酒造りを学びに行ってきました。行って思ったことは、まさに百聞は一見に如かず!! 五感で感じることって、やはり何よりも深い。朝5時からの力仕事は大変でしたが、それを毎日休みなく続けられている蔵人さんたちは本当にすごいの一言。頭が下がります。徹底的な温度・湿度管理の中、大切に育てられているお酒は、愛情たっぷりで、まるで赤ちゃんのお世話をしているみたい♪ 日本の主食、お米が様々な状態に変化をしていくこと。生き物の力って本当に神秘的ですね☆ これからも造り手さんの思いを大切に日本酒の魅力を世界へ伝えていきます。 I had spent 5 days at Sawada sake brewery in Tokoname, Aichi Pref. Their work starts at 5am everyday without any day off for 5 months. It was tough, but now I understand how brewers take care of rice and rice koji to make delicious sake. Much appreciated to brewers for teaching me so kindly. These 5 days became a precious experience, and I will definitely earn a lot of knowledge to use them in future. 澤田酒造さん

ご案内 Sake Nouveau Party 2016

《Sake Nouveau Party 2016》 満愛貴(Maaki) × bien-美宴 A season of sake nouveau "shinshu" has come! Let’s enjoy 2016 new sake pairing with Maaki’s artistically creative Japanese dishes. You will definitely be impressed by the atmosphere in Kura, old styled Japanese house covered in mud. 四間道(shikemichi) is a very hot spot in Nagoya now. So do not miss it!! Please feel free to invite your family and friends. *This party will be held mainly in ENGLISH, including an explanation of “Shinshu”(sake nouveau). Date: February 6th, Saturday Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm (registration from 1:30pm) Place: 満愛貴 Cost: ¥5000 reservation needed (5 kinds of sake tasting,

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