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Autumn Sake "Hiyaoroshi" Party-美秋の宴終了

「美秋の宴」ひやおろしの会を無事に終えることができました。ご参加くださった皆様ありがとうございました。 Sake "Hiyaoroshi" Party was peacefully finished on 26th, Sep. Thank you very much everyone for your attendance. We hope you enjoyed Japanese Autumn foods with limited sake "Hiyaoroshi". 鉄板焼きこくらさんご案内

Sake Basic Lecture Ⅲ

米国人宅での日本酒パーティーを引き受けさせて頂きました。1週間日本に遊びに来られた方へ。また駐在の方々へ。日本酒の知識をお伝えし、お互いの文化を共有し合えることを、とても幸せに感じます。 So honored to be asked to do a sake party for people from US. Thank you for having an interest in Japanese heritage, Sake.

Autumn Sake "Hiyaoroshi" Party ご案内

《Autumn Sake “Hiyaoroshi” Party》 こくらKOKURA×bien-美宴 This is a season to taste special Autumn sake called "Hiyaoroshi". It is a sake brewed in winter and stored during summer. The characteristic of Hiyaoroshi is a deep matured aroma and perfect pairing with beautiful autumn seasonal foods. bien-美宴 prepares fresh sparkling sake, and 4 kinds of Autumn sake with teppanyaki KOKURA’s great performance of grilled seafood and steak. Please enjoy Japanese limited sake only sale in September and October!! Please feel free to invite your family and friends. *This party will be held mainly in ENGLISH, including an explanation of “Hiyaoroshi”. Date: September 26th, Saturday Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm (reg

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